Who’s coming to reunion?

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Who’s coming to reunion?














We’ll update this list weekly.  As of 4/20, these 76 classmates are registered:

Jeanine Alton-Ryan 1979 Wilson House
Sue Beardsley Andrews 1979 Comstock House
Elizabeth Armour 1979 Gardiner House
Kate Bigwood Atkinson 1979 Hubbard House
Maria Benet 1979 Gardiner House
Elizabeth Stanley Berdann 1979 Dawes House
Catherine Day Bertocci 1979 Baldwin House
Patricia Bovers Bovers 1979 Gillett House
Heidi Brieger 1979 Comstock House
Agnes Bundy Scanlon 1979 Lamont House
Kathleen McElhinney Cantore 1979 Morris House
Christine Chang 1979 Hubbard House
Lee Crawford 1979 Comstock House
Anna Crawford 1979 Gardiner House
Lisa Unterberg Delafontaine 1979 Wilson House
Ann Joyce Delano 1979 Baldwin House
Paula Drewniany 1979 Hubbard House
Sandra Bauman Enser 1979 Wilder House
Elizabeth Turrell Farrar 1979 Wilson House
Verna Frasca 1979 Park Annex
Martha Jazak Galley 1979 Friedman Complex
Sandra Sweeney Gallo 1979 Hopkins House
Lauren Garner 1979 Park House
Stephanie Giorlando 1979 Park House
Cynthia Greene 1979 Wilson House
Sarah Hampson 1979 Talbot House
Cindy Harris 1979 Talbot House
Anne Harris 1979 Tyler House
Liana Zalamea Howe 1979 Baldwin House
Dani Giannone Huntley 1979 Gardiner House
Carolyn Widmer Jaffe 1979 Parsons House
Michelle Jarusiewicz 1979 Hopkins B
Jacki-Sue Katzman 1979 Friedman Complex
Rebecca Wilkes Killion 1979 Lamont House
Claudia Koehler Kirchner 1979 Scales House
Carrie Kolb Kocher 1979 Chase House
Lisa Palfy Kohn 1979 Tyler House
Barbara Kwong 1979 Wilder House
Karel Littman 1979 Cutter House
Anne Macaulay 1979 Hubbard House
Rena Margulis 1979 Gillett House
Abigail Marsters 1979 Lamont House
Sally Mayer 1979 Gardiner House
Elaine Eatroff McConnell 1979 Washburn House
Christina Seifert McLean 1979 Gillett House
Julie Pretzat Merchant 1979 Baldwin House
Diana Meservey 1979 Off Campus
Laura Canning Meurer 1979 Cushing House
Robin Wright Moyer 1979 Cushing House
Catherine Lindsey Olinski 1979 Wilson House
Cynthia Pexton-Shaw 1979 Tyler House
Judith Plummer 1979 Comstock House
Susan Purdie 1979 Hubbard House
Deborah Radway 1979 Friedman Complex
Janet Glore Reese 1979 Jordan House
Judith Riggs Reilly 1979 Dawes House
Daryl McGregor Robicsek 1979 Comstock House
Amy Schancupp 1979 Albright House
Veronica Brianceschi Schuetz 1979 Comstock House
Elizabeth Simpson 1979 Chase House
Julie Slavet 1979 Park House
Martha Smith 1979 Friedman Complex
Risa Bernstein Sodi 1979 Off Campus
Lois Carroll Spreen 1979 Friedman Complex
Susan Steenstrup 1979 Talbot House
Amanda Stiff 1979 King House
Gail Hammond Stone 1979 Gardiner House
Anne Hewitt Suslovic 1979 Friedman Complex
Anne Altherr Templeton 1979 Wilder House
Terry Supnik Ullman 1979 Gillett House
Frances Weaver 1979 Chase House
Susan Wetchler Wei 1979 Capen House
Leslie Weiss 1979 Chase House
Jennifer Jackson Weyreter 1979 Wilson House
Gay Wilmerding 1979 Parsons House
Pamela Crotty Yelick 1979 Morris House
Janet Schulte 1980 Wilson House


  1. Looking forward to a fun weekend of visiting with friends and catching up as well as encouraging and enticing as many of us as I can to donate to The Smith Fund before and during Reunion. Let’s see if we can break all past participation records if we can; any amount from small to large is welcome.

  2. Looking forward to reuniting with old friends!! See you all there!

  3. I hope to be there. Can’t believe it has been 35 years!

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