Volunteers needed

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Volunteers needed

Thank you to the many classmates who have volunteered to chair or to serve on a committee.  It’s been wonderful to have comments and suggestions from so many of you — from countless brainstorming sessions via e-mail as we thought about the Reunion theme, to the many other aspects of the weekend.  There are lots of other ways to volunteer — and some of them are easy!

Survey –  We are looking for a classmate to do a class survey.  It can easily be done by survey monkey, and tabulated before Reunion.  Who are we now? What are we doing with our lives?  We can talk about the findings at Reunion.

House Reps We have 16 houses covered so far, but we’re hoping to cover all the houses.  House Reps call or e-mail their senior classmates prior to Reunion, to update addresses, answer questions about Reunion, and to encourage classmates to come.

Product donations – Do you work for a company that may have products they would be willing to donate?  Snacks or drinks for Headquarters, or items that can be given out as gifts to attendees?

Headquarters volunteers –  Once on campus, we’ll need a lot of people to take turns staffing  Headquarters throughout the weekend (unless we’re at all College events or class dinners).  This is a fun way to hang out at headquarters and greet ’79ers.

Purchasing – Purchase items that will be given to our classmates as they check in, or for the Alumnae Parade.

Find an old photo from our college days – Add to our collection of old photos to display at Headquarters and on this class website.  Do you have a picture or two from our days at Smith?  Scan and send them to photos@smith79.org.

Encourage friends to come – We hope to get the strongest turnout possible.  Please encourage your friends to meet you at Reunion!

To volunteer or for more information, e-mail Terry at tullm@optonline.net


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