Be a Part of the ’79 Class Book

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Be a Part of the ’79 Class Book

Whether or not you come to Reunion….

 Can we share and inspire each other through personal stories?  Some classmates won’t be able to join us in Northampton.  So how can we stay in touch, talk about issues of concern, or just “check in”?

Anne Macaulay has volunteered to create our 35th Reunion Class Book, and is already accepting contributions.  We will distribute the finished volume most easily, privately, and inexpensively  online, with a copy e-mailed to you, and also via a secure Classbook section on our new class website. Just click on the “Classbook Registration” tab to register.

A few hard copies will also be available to peruse at Headquarters during Reunion.

So write your personal story.  Tell us what’s happened in your life since graduation.  Or, reflect on some of these topics:

    • Peace – how do you find it in yourself, your family, your community?
    • 2nd and 3rd lives – how have you reinvented yourself?
    • If I had known then what I know now…
    • What has become important to you?

Send your story, musings, or reflection to Anne at  Please keep the length to about 1,000 words or less (4 double spaced pages.)  Photos and even videos can be included to appear in the secure Classbook section of our class web page.

The earlier the better… but please send your submission by the deadline of January 31.

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  1. Don’t worry too much about the deadline, everybody. Like Spanx, it is stretching to fit busy schedules, etc. —-Anne (Macaulay)

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